Anna Ourusoff is long-time yoga instructor and mentor (Non-dual/Anusara Yoga), focusing on heart-centered hypnotherapy (The Wellness Institute), transformational life coaching and facilitating (Claire Zammit, Phd/ Evolving Wisdom LLC). She is a Brown University graduate, trilingual from an early age, an avid plantswoman, earth lover, spiritual feminist and mother of her 18-year-old daughter. Motherhood continues to bring her the highest joys, and the gifts of imperfection, humility, and surrender, inspiring her to embody and model a healthy, divine feminine.

Anna supports individuals who seek to remember the deepest truth of themselves and to awaken the joy and creativity of moving toward their potential. In a culture that promotes hyper individualism, isolation and shame are often invisible. Through her unique ability to name larger unseen and unspoken patterns, she helps her clients reclaim their direct connection to their source and to their belonging in the whole.

Anna’s mission is to help restore a state of unconditional love, joy, and creativity, one human being at a time, for the benefit of all.  In addition to coaching one on one, she loves to collaborate with other facilitators, leads group retreats, and coaching circles, and continues to share the wisdom of yoga in classes, workshops and trainings.

Her offering is a convergence of spiritual wonder, grounded truth, depth and humor.

Anna lives in Bozeman, Mt. She is deeply humbled and inspired by mother Earth’s endless blessings, and dedicates herself to being in the out of doors in deep communion with plants, trees, wildlife, and the remembrance of her place in the grand pulse of Life. She loves to hike, bike and ski and move freely in the beauty of the natural world


My path to the profession of healing and integral coaching has been a rich and meandering one.I have a bit of the gypsy in me. I’ve lived in New York State, Connecticut, California, Costa Rica, Spain, West Africa, Texas, Washington, Central Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. Each place broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of what it means to be human. This diversity of cultures and landscapes challenged me to adapt, grow, evolve. Because of this, my curiosity and acceptance for all aspects of human nature runs deep. The possibilities I see for each person are not filtered through a lens of my singular life experience. There are so many human ways of being, and our perspectives, and the possibilities we consider are often limited by our own constrained beliefs and fears. Recognizing and releasing the old ways, and welcoming congruent ways that are aligned with your own spirit can feel like a whole a new beginning.

I love to learn.  I’ve had the great fortune of being given the opportunity to explore a variety of modalities proven to further meaningful human development.

I received my BA in Communications at the University of San Diego in California, and my MA in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University in Seattle, Washington. My Certification in Integral Coaching is from New Ventures West in San Francisco, and my two Certifications in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and Heart Centered Breathwork are from The Wellness Institute in Issaqua, Washington. I’ve completed trainings in sociometry, psychodrama, parenting, writing, enneagram, meditation and energy work. My passion is facilitating workshops and leading groups, and this is where I feel most alive and most useful.  I also offer private sessions with couples, individuals, and families, and I love to work with ceremony, ritual, adventure travel, and any experiences that support being out of one’s comfort zone.

My most recent training has been Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification as well as Advanced Breathwork Certification. Please feel free to ask about any of my areas of study, I’m happy to discuss with you all of my learning.

My most challenging and yet satisfying real life-training has come from raising my two now twenty-something daughters. Okay, it’s a toss-up between raising my daughters, and tending the garden of my marriage with my partner, since 1994. We have all learned and grown together over the many years…..

Bozeman is our permanent home base, so I will be here for most of the year.


Over the past twenty years my training has evolved from a more technical approach of the physical body to working with the body as a collective whole. Over time, I have witnessed how the body can and does heal itself when the mind and body work together. When the mind is relaxed the body relaxes stimulating the Central Nervous System, releasing the endorphins and hormones that heal your body.

The innate wisdom of the body knows how to heal itself. I teach relaxation skills using a collective combination of modalities ranging from relaxation/restorative massage to Deep Tissue, NeuroMuscular Therapy. Also, integrating Ortho-bionomy®, Quantum Touch® and the Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy technique. Utilizing my skills as a Transpersonal (trans:change personal:you) Hypnotherapist assisting in the TRANSformation of the body and mind working together. All hypnosis is self hypnosis or self relaxation… Combining the techniques of mindfulness and bodywork, I feel that we can adapt to anything and everything.